Formentera is a real island, as having no airport and is only accessible by sea. However, the virtues of Formentera-excellent condition, quiet, etc .- islargely due to their isolation.

The arrival at Formentera is normally done through the island of Ibiza whichcan be accessed by air or by sea from several mainland ports: Valencia, Denia and Barcelona.

It is recommended not to buy tickets in advance, because having three different shipping companies that travel, it's best to buy the ticket (one way) on the same port Ibiza, in the company that first comes out. And around the same.

Once in Ibiza, to reach the port of La Savina, the only route of entry and exit to the island there are several shipping companies that operate routes every day of the week with varying intensity depending on the season time. More or less every half an hour out a boat.

Puerto de La Savina

Navigation between the port of Ibiza and La Savina lasts about 35 minutes and runs between the numerous islets located between the two islands:Espalmador Penjats, Malvins, Porcs ...
In some boats the company Balearia, can carry all types of vehicles. We recommend consultation with the shipping company in advance to secureplace in case you want to bring a vehicle to Formentera, especially in the middle months of summer.

BALEARIA. Phone: 902 160 180 (Office Ibiza: 971 314 486 - Office Formentera: 971 322 930). www.balearia.com
MEDITERRANEA PITIUSA. Phone: 971 322 443 (Office Ibiza: 971 314 486 - Office Formentera: 971 323 107). www.medpitiusa.net