Below you will find some of the restaurants and bars in Formentera:

Migjorn Zone
"Caravel Restaurant" at 100 meters from the apartments Meridium, just after the tennis courts Formentera Playa Hotel, the big one that looks.
"Restaurant Royal Beach" Meridium 300 meters, walking along the beach towards La Mola (southeast).
Restaurant "Sa Platjeta" Meridium 400 meters walk along the coast in the opposite direction to La Mola (southwest).

Illetas Area

One of the best restaurants on the island is "Es Moli of salt" any taxi driverknows it. It has a small jetty for mooring boats. They have a great lobsternursery. As its name suggests, was once a salt mill, which uses the wind to grind salt. You can still see him as the carriages were on rails with largestones of salt. You can book by telephone: 971 187 491
Restaurant "The Pirate" has one of the most beautiful beaches of the island. Although usually very crowded.

La Savina (Puerto)
Rte. Hostal La Sabina.
Café del Lago, near the Estany del Peix (one of the two lakes is the island) is a pleasant place for breakfast, is decorated in classic Italian and tastefully painted walls pretty colors are not uniform, the sponge. Ideal for breakfast or a natural fruit juice.
El Rincon Gallego to take octopus or seafood. It is tavern.
The "Xicu." Best Take Away (food to buy and carry). It is close to the Place de la Sabina on the main road

Es Pujols
Restaurant "Sa Palmera". Spanish cuisine of Formentera. The best quality / price.
The "Ma Vie". Spanish cuisine, despite the French name of preserving the former owner. Good value - price. Paella, fish, cured ham, salads, grilled vegetables, etc.. It is to reach from San Ferrán Es Pujols, straight up that force us to start right from the beach promenade. It's just taking a right to 30 m, and the tagline is white with blue letters. Eye where you park in areas of double yellow line, the crane takes the car!
It's very nice dinner at the boardwalk on a terrace watching the sea, the stalls selling the hippies and the movement of people very neat. Es Pujols is the busiest site on the island at night. Variety of stores found such as Varadero Sa, Sa Palmera Maritime and pizzeria.
Among Es Pujols and La Sabina, the road of "Estany Pudent" (the other lakes) approx. 1 km from Es Pujols, there is a large logo that says "Caminito" with a couple dancing Tango. It is a large and elegant Argentine restaurant, nicely decorated and the atmosphere is relaxing.
We also find a pizzeria that faces the bar on nightlife "Bananas" called "Pizza Pazza." Is to reach from San Ferrán Es Pujols, taking the first road to the left, the direction of La Sabina about 100 m. right onto a terrace. The atmosphere is youthful, lively and well priced. They have a rich cinnamon liqueur.
"Don Pollo" chicken to take. On the road from the Sabina Es Pujols is one of the last house on the left when you run out of town.

San Francesco (the capital)
"The Morning." Specializing in breakfast. Pleasant and professional. The best coffee on the island suggest the bowl Multifruit with yogurt and honey.The letter is translated into several languages. Located in the pedestrian street, going up to the square when it forks, take the left and 30 m.

In San Ferrán
In the pedestrian street, "Macondo" pizza made by Italians and "Can Forn" (food Formentera).

Es Calo
When the sea is calm and there is little wind, more pleasant than the island can offer is to look at the clear blue sea at noon. In the restaurant "Rafalet" we can enjoy a meal overlooking the sea. No loss in Es Caló there are only about 20 houses, a place well known.
Up the road that winds from the Mola Es Caló (km. 14.3) almost at the top, find the right restaurant "El Mirador" is another perfect choice to sample their specialties for lunch or sunset sun terrace. Recommendations on the half hour before sunset. From almost 100 meters above sea level in clear day the views of the islands are especially beautiful. This is one of the less traveled sites on the island.
"Restaurant Pascual" also advisable.

Barber-Calasaona Cap
"Restaurant is Cap" Best Veal chancel of the island, are also very affordable menu at noon. Located at the intersection of Calasaona.


In the area of ​​Illetas, the small piece of beach "The Shark". The perfect time to get there is half an hour before sunset to see it. It lies in the way of Illetas, just 50 meters and see the display. We recommend not to go in August, it is packed.

"Silver background" in San Francisco, almost at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.
Authentic and genuine style Formentera night you can see from the "FondaPepe." It's a bar and restaurant is in San Ferran in the plaza of the Church. It's where people earthy, hippie trend Islanders and frequent at about 24 h. to make the drinks.
Visitors who prefer a more exclusive can go to Es Pujols. It is full of bars and restaurants of all kinds. We recommend the street of "Viagra" to make thedrinks.
Another famous site is the "Blue Bar". It is filled from 24.30 am to early August and much later as we move away from that date. It is a small piece of beach is the Playa Migjorn, taking a detour to the sea in km. 8 of the main roadgoing from Sabina to Mola, right.
Es Pujols streets where there are several bars and pubs of all kinds.
La Mola is "Can Toni" rather carefree hippies environments.