Meridium Studies offer a high-quality tourism on the island of Formentera. They are located in one of the most relaxing areas of the island, between a forest of junipers in front of the sea. The surroundings invite you to enjoy the fresh marine air under the trees and the pleasure of a clear water´s view of the island.

We offer our customers a familiar and friendly atmosphere and our suggestions to make the perfect vacation.
Meridium Apartments are managed by Victor R, de Castro, owner and director.

In front of sea. At 3.5 km from the village of San Ferran and 9 km from the port. Nearby, within 150 meters, we have supermarkets., Cafes restaurants, 3 rentals of all types of vehicles, telephone booth and public bus stop.

Exterior features
Typical Mediterranean architecture of the sixties. Studies modernized and fully renovated, with distinctive tourist accrediting. There are 3 floor buildings apart, 2, 3 and 5 apartments with terraces overlooking the sea and the forest. Rustic décor, mosquito nets on windows. One of our prints is nice to see wild rabbits in our gardens. We have several private roads that our forest leading to the beach. We also have our own design outdoor furniture under the juniper.


Single room for 2 single beds, with beds of 2 m. long. Silent air conditioning (cold, heat, dehumidifier). Bathroom and kitchen in each apartment. The kitchen with ceramic hob, fridge, microwave, extractor fan, coffee marker, cutlery, plates and cups and all sorts of gadgets suitable for hob for cooking. Mixer taps throughout the study, 21-inch TV with Spanish and italian channels with remote control. Luggage storage. Free strongbox in each apartment. Hot water and drinking water network of Formentera. Equipped in sheets, blankets, quilts, pillows and towels.

In the microwave oven can not put any metal, otherwise it would explode and to charge for misusing it.

The kitchen ceramic coffee pots and ONLY supports suitable for it, use other things simply do not involve breaking right in the kitchen. Caution please the people who brings the coffee and the dishes that put the heat to hair, or to heat the food to babies.
Although tap water is drinkable, it is quite salty to drink. We recommend buying bottled just for this purpose.

It warns customers that the company is not responsible for the thefts that take place both by leaving windows or doors open or leave outside any object apartments.